Part One – The First Five Years

Compiled from VYUFDA Newsletters and Minutes


J Gedye, A King, B Peake, A Peacock, D & C & G & N Halsall, I Collie, G Weakley, S Stanley, J Raye, P MacPhail met at the Melbourne Showgrounds on 13 Oct 1990 and made the following decisions:
 *The VYDA was formed; and



In January the first newsletter was published and the membership was 34 at that time.
In February a letter was received from the VWSDA declining the request for reciprocal membership.
In March/April a committee meeting by mail was convened to award the Victorian State Trial to Swan Hill to be run in October.
The Australian Yard Dog Association was formed on 11 April 1991 at Bathurst, NSW and set the affiliation fee at $100.
In July a committee meeting by phone was held to discuss the running of the Melbourne Show Yard



The Victorian Yard Championship was held on the Halsall property near Euroa and featured a Utility trial being run simultaneously.
Lucky Dog sponsored all open trials in Victoria, providing money on the condition of dog food exclusivity.
The AGM was held on 13 June attended by G Wheatley, A Peacock, P & H Boyd, G Horman, D West, M Apostoladic, D Kyle, B Bates, R Marshall, B & J McKnight, E Newcomen, G Fawkes, C Robertson, J McCrum, S Stanley, I Collie, G & N Halsall.
The following were elected: A Peacock – President, R Marshall – Vice President, N Halsall –



The first State Utility Championship was run at Euroa over 2.5 days in February.
The AGM was held on 18 July and was attended by D West, M Apostoladic, P & H Boyd, C Koch, L Childs, B Gowlett, G Wheatley, E Kolep, B Haines, T Biggs, R Marshall, B Bates, C Robertson, J McCrum, P Meade, G Fawkes, K O’Keefe, M Storan, P & D O’Kane, J Ryan, I Collie, S Stanley, G Horman, J Gedye, A Peacock, G & N Halsall.
The following were elected: A Peacock – President, R Marshall – Vice President, N Halsall –



Lucky Dog sponsorship of the Association continued and the Committee considered it necessary to remind convenors of the dogfood exclusivity clause.
There were 96 members in 1994/95 of which 4 were supporting.
The AGM was held on 21 August and attended by: R Marshall, B Bates, E Newcomen, F Jones, M Storan, J McCrum, G Fawkes, P & H Boyd, G & N Halsall, B Haines, S Stanley, B & J Nixon, A Peacock, P Meade, V Stapleton, P O’Kane, N Roth, J McKnight, G Horman.
The following were elected: A Peacock, President; R Marshall, Vice President; H Boyd, Secretary/Treasurer; J McCrum, G Fawkes, P Boyd, M Storan, B Bates, N Halsall, B Nixon, R Marshall, Committee.
Decisions: *Assistant Secretary appointed [N Halsall]; secretarial honorarium $1000.
*Dog status in VWSDA or 3 sheep arena trials are not to be recognised.
*Rule books for sale at $5.
*The Committee decided dog status in Yard and Utility events is to remain separate and entry fees for non-championship trials to be $3-$5.
Euroa – [Judge: B Quarrell] Novice 1st R Clark, Chips; 2nd M Storan, Brat; 3rd G Halsall, Nip. Open 1st N Halsall, Snow; 2nd P Boyd, Nigger; 3rd N Halsall, Tiger; 3rd R Clark, Chips.