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Reciprocal Membership

Reciprocal Membership

Reciprocal Membership A number of our members also trial interstate, I thought it timely to provide an update on progress the committee has made in relation to arranging reciprocal membership with our association colleague’s interstate. We are pleased to announce Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia have agreed to reciprocal memberships without the need to incur additional fees or subscriptions.

How It will work: There are slightly different processes required by each state to avail yourself of the reciprocal memberships, the high-level process is detailed below;

Victoria: Visitors to Victoria must apply for an interstate membership and have that application accepted. They can do this utilising our membership application form selecting the membership area as “interstate”. Once accepted they will receive a Victorian membership number. Our membership form is available online on our website via the following link.

New South Wales: Similar to Victoria, visitors to New South Wales will be required to complete a temporary membership form and have that application accepted. The NSW temporary membership form is also available online on the NSW Yard Dog website via the following link

South Australia: Visitors to South Australia will be bound by its Code of Conduct by signing the trial entry form. Nothing further is required by South Australia at this point in time.

The above arrangements are only available to people with a current full membership in their home state. Each state reserves the right to accept or reject the application. Failure to provide accurate information in relation to an application will result in an application being rejected or the membership being terminated.

The VYUFDA and NSWYDA have agreed to offer each other’s members reciprocal membership without charging a subscription.
The conditions are:
1. NSW members wishing to compete in Victoria still need to apply for Interstate membership and be issued with a competition number;
2. Victorian members wishing to compete in NSW still need to apply for Temporary membership and have such applications accepted;
3. This applies to full fee-paying competition members only;
4. There is no guarantee of acceptance in either State and each State reserves the right to reject an application without giving reasons;
5. Anyone found to have misrepresented their status, [for example: not living within the “home” State or not being a current financial member, or being under suspension etc], will have their membership revoked and be subject to further disciplinary sanctions.
Queries should be directed to your “Home” State.
VYUFDA Treasurer – Tony Weiderman
NSWYDA Secretary – Felicity Nolan 0400 951 717

The VYUFDA and SA Yard Dog:

Victorian members wishing to component  in SA need only complete the relevant Entry From.




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