To Judge a trial withing Victoria you must be an approved judge within Victoria or your home state and hold a Victorian membership (Full membership or Interstate member).




Members are invited to nominate new judges and/or the promotion of current judges. The appointment and promotion of judges will be managed by the Judges Sub-committee,

The procedure we ask you to follow is:

  1. Obtain the agreement of the person you are going to nominate; and
  2. Submit the names of 2 members who support the nomination and will provide a verbal reference for the nominee if requested; and
  3. Forward the nomination to VYUFDA Secretary, secretary@vyufda.com.au

If approved, your name will be added to the Judges list

Rules & Report Forms

All events are to be judged in accordance with the association rules

Dogs participating in events are expected to be of a suitable standard. In the event of an issue occurring in relation with dog behaviour, a report form has been developed to allow the Judge to report the behaviour