Code of Conduct 2018 – AYDA

Code of Conduct
Australian Yard Dog Association inc.


This Code of Conduct applies to all competitors, officials and paid or unpaid workers at an Australian Yard Dog Championship or any event/ activity organised or sanctioned by the AYDA.

Actions or behaviour which are considered “prejudicial to the interests of the AYDA” will be dealt with by the AYDA Judicial Committee.

The following is an outline of inappropriate behaviour. This is not an exhaustive list and where relevant includes social media:

  1. Challenging a decision of a judge
  2. Challenging a decision of the Convenor
  3. Verbal and/or physical abuse of a person
  4. Abuse of an animal by inflicting pain or willfully causing distress
  5. Failure to properly care for dogs [water, shade, exercise, transport accommodation]
  6. Unsportsmanlike conduct
  7. Use of foul or discriminatory language
  8. Discriminatory conduct – racial, sexual etc
  9. Conducting oneself in a manner which could reasonably be interpreted as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst competing or attending an official function
  10. Wearing inappropriate clothing or footwear whilst competing or attending an official function
  11. Presenting a dog for competition which:
    is in such condition as to bring discredit to the sport.
  12. If any competitor is unclear as to what may or may not constitute unacceptable behaviour, they should consult a Committee member.


An alleged breach of the Code of Conduct will be considered by the Judicial Committee if it has been made in writing.

The Judicial Committee will be appointed by the President and will comprise an Advisory Committee member and 2 other Committee members, none of whom shall reside in the same State as the alleged offender.

A hearing must be conducted as soon as practicable upon receipt of the allegation.

The person charged with the offence must be given the opportunity to defend the charge and in doing so, may present witnesses. Provided reasonable notice of the hearing has been given, failure to appear will not result in a stay of proceedings.

The Judicial Committee may impose penalties of suspension and expulsion, which have immediate and nationwide effect.

Failure of an AYDA member to enforce a penalty imposed by the AYDA Judicial Committee will result in the member being asked to show cause why it should remain a member of AYDA.


An appeal against a decision of the Judicial Committee must be lodged with the AYDA Secretary within 24 hours of the decision being made, with a fee of $250.

An appeal will be heard by 3 members of the AYDA Committee appointed by the President, none of whom shall have had any involvement in prior proceedings or have an interest in the matter, other than the overall interests of the AYDA.

If the AYDA Championship has concluded the appeal will be heard via teleconference otherwise it will be convened as soon as practicable at the event.