Annual Membership Quiz

The Association is committed to animal welfare. As part of that commitment we have introduced some eduction/training as part of your membership.

Each year as part of your membership renewal we are asking members to refresh their understanding of good practise and complete a short quiz with a random selection of questions related to animal welfare.

The question content is drawn from documents produced by various industry bodies and governement departments (MLA & Agriculture Victoria etc.) together with our own policies and procedure documents.

   Links to the external reference material used are shown below


   MLA – A producer’s guide to sheep husbandry practices

   Agriculture Victoria’s Responsible Ownership of Farm working dogs

   Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Sheep

   Agriculture Victoria’s Livestock management and welfare

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Animal Welfare

This quiz is designed to remind our members of animal welfare requirements

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Do sheep rely more on sight or hearing when being handled?


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During the trial if the dog/handler are having trouble moving the sheep, should he/she,

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When sheep feel threatened do they,

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When filling the drench race, is it recommended to

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What is the “flight zone”?

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When catching/restraining a sheep do you,

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